Sites to visit from the Sampiero Hotel in Propriano

Remarkable sites to visit from Sampiero


The Bloody Islands

The Sanguinaires Islands, natural treasures near Ajaccio, reveal wild landscapes and exceptional marine fauna. An unforgettable getaway.

The Senetosa Lighthouse

The Senetosa Lighthouse, majestic guardian of the coasts, offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. An exceptional point of view.

Filitosa prehistoric site

Filitosa, a Corsican prehistoric site, reveals enigmatic remains and a fascinating natural setting. A dive into the past.
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Bonifacio, a city perched on the cliffs, reveals unique architecture and breathtaking views of the sea. A destination steeped in history.
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Bavella, a mountainous jewel, fascinates with its rocky needles and breathtaking hiking trails. A paradise for nature lovers.


Olmeto, a haven of peace between sea and mountains, offers exceptional panoramas and a peaceful atmosphere. A preserved treasure.


Sartène, the city of a thousand faces, welcomes you with its picturesque streets and its authentic atmosphere. A dive into the Corsican soul.
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Porto-Vecchio, pearl of the south, combines heavenly beaches and a lively old town. A perfect balance between relaxation and dynamism.


Propriano, pearl of the Gulf of Valinco, seduces with its golden beaches and its lively port. A perfect seaside getaway.

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