To discover in the region of the Sampiero hotel in Propriano



Welcome to Sartène, the city of a thousand faces, where each cobbled street tells a story. Nestled in the hills, this Corsican city reveals a rich heritage, illustrated by its granite houses, its centuries-old churches and its lively squares. Sartène seduces with its authentic atmosphere, imbued with ancestral traditions. Local festivities, picturesque markets and gastronomic delights invite you to delve into the heart of the Corsican soul.

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Ready for an exciting family escape? Join us at Sampiero from May 8 to 10 for the big Sampiero Games with fun challenges for children and relaxing moments for parents.

We invite you from Friday April 19 to Sunday April 21 to experience a stay dedicated to well-being and relaxation, where you can listen to your body and revitalize your mind.