Activity to discover from the Sampiero hotel in Propriano

Paddle from Sampiero Corso beach


The Sampiero provides its customers with paddle boards! From our small cove you can stroll to discover the different beaches of the Gulf of Valinco without taking the often congested roads.

A sport that is both gentle and accessible, thanks to the stability of its wide board. We are far from the technicality of surfing.

A complete sport: although it offers very good stability, you will need to keep your balance thanks to your abdominal belt: core training is required. But you will also work your upper body: the paddle strokes will not happen alone. Arms and back will be used. And finally for the most daring, who will set out to conquer the seas standing up: your posterior chain will not be left out! Buttocks, thighs and calves will also be there.
Get some fresh air, clear your mind and calm down: what could be better than a trip at sea to enjoy the present moment and cut yourself off from the world? Sea air is recognized as a natural stress reliever, so take a deep breath on your Paddle and stock up on energy and positive thoughts!
Discovery of new places and maritime point of view: as with kayaking, Paddle offers you the possibility of accessing places inaccessible by land and will allow you to observe the island from the sea (a spectacle not to be missed). miss).
Enjoying an often Olympian calm, the Mediterranean Sea is ideal for this activity.

An excellent way to discover the Corsican coastline, at your own pace and differently.

Most ? Paddle preserves nature and the ecosystem, so it allows us to respect the environment!

This is the opportunity to do good for the planet and to do good for yourself: oxygenate your body and enrich it with vitamin D under the Corsican sun.

All you have to do is sail towards the horizon!

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