Activity to discover from the Sampiero hotel in Propriano

A barbecue or breakfast at sea aboard the Corsica Gourmet Boat

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Departing from the port of Propriano, Corsica Gourmet Boat offers varied services such as breakfasts, lunches, dinners and aperitifs in the wild coves of Valinco. On board a boat specially designed to share moments with friends or family over a meal or an aperitif, enjoy the natural beauty of Corsica while tasting delicious dishes and relaxing on the water .

In partnership with our establishment, we offer you breakfast aboard the Gourmet Boat departing from Sampiero beach. Leave your room, get on board and enjoy a unique moment with the sunrise!

More activities to discover from Sampiero

Ready for an exciting family escape? Join us at Sampiero from May 8 to 10 for the big Sampiero Games with fun challenges for children and relaxing moments for parents.

We invite you from Friday April 19 to Sunday April 21 to experience a stay dedicated to well-being and relaxation, where you can listen to your body and revitalize your mind.